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"Favorite holiday destination in Kenya"? That is question asked often by many who want to travel here in Kenya.

I was born and raised up here in Kenya and I know most parts of my country. When I talk of most I don't mean that have to every place but have managed to travel a lot to major places.

Kenya travel

For over 30 years that have been here have managed to appreciate my country and learnt a lot from it. So if you can talk about experience. I can tell you that have maximized much.

The first impression you will get out of this country called Kenya is the green beauty that you experience in many parts of the larger country.

Personally was born a place called Kisii which is to the western part of the map of Kenya. Spend better half of my years experiencing the green terrain of the kisii highland before relocating to the urban center which is the capital city of Kenya.

Schooled in the rift valley places and spend home grown vacation to the coastal region of Kenya which comprises of Mombasa, Lamu and many more.

Mombasa beach is the area that is mostly hived by many people and it is the tourist attraction that many people who don't live in Kenya love to visit.

And you can be surprised to find that it is the place that is known worldwide as an area where you can relax and regurgitate your energy through vacating. Let met you that is not the only place. There are lots of places that are beautiful as well.

You need to know them. That is the reason as to why am here to reveal that hidden secrets that many don't know.

Let us keep on moving.

You will find many people visiting the beaches mostly during the Nov/December holidays.

Am here to give you the inside story as a person who has the first hand information to many parts of the country.

When you make a plan to visit Kenya. You are guaranteed of the most reliable information ever. I call it eye witness information.

Have tried as much as possible to capture all that can make you love this country the way I love it.

It is one of the places that once you visit you will fall in love again and again. Ask anyone who has been here.

Have taken really a picture that captures your emotion but remember experience cannot be substituted with a picture. You need to connect with the place. And the only way you can connect with the place is by visiting the place.

Have tried to re-size the place to fit your screen but that all that I can do for now. Forgive me and will only use words and pictures to describe the place.

Hopefully when you visit it you will be one of my witness.

Kenya love

Since I was young have always been amazed by this place. Imagine a place where animals and people live. I don't mean that animals are everywhere.

Kenya travel holidays

In Kenya we have domestic animals and wild animals. Domestic animals are kept by man while wild animals live in parks. Places where they are kept safe from human being exploitation.

Since there are some animals that are hostile to human being. They are kept in national parks and game reserves to be seen and watched.

Kenya has a serene environment where you will find some areas sparsely populated and others densely populated depending on the available resources.

My wife Christine love to joke that we are lucky to be born in this place.Reasons? Well known to her.

Kenya travel holidays have much to offer. Starting from the city of Nairobi to Mombasa beaches then to Lake Victoria and even to the deserts of the northern part of Kenya.

You will feel different but also at home because of the personalized experiences that you will get.

You have heard this famous phrase that says "No hurry in Africa" then you will have it more in Kenya. Slowness of nature will catch up with you.

You need to experience what nature can offer then Kenya travel nature has it all. You can decide to take your lunch at hospitable hotels in the city. Take your breakfast at the top of Mount Kenya or take your dinner besides the peaceful waters of the coastal beach region.

There is something for everyone. It is your personal choice. So what is my favorite travel in the whole of Kenya? After all this thirty plus years in this country. What I will say they are all.

Every travel in Kenya is different, each with it is own special unique features that you will love to experience.

What is in Kenya travel

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This site has grown from observation to an idea and now an experience that is shared through the web thanks to technology. It is based on enduring passion for a place that you were born in.

That is why I am able to share with you. Vacation in Kenya

  • My favorite beach
  • Best hotels and resorts
  • A must do activities while in Kenya
  • Favorite travel areas
  • Wonderful game reserves and national parks
  • Best sceneries in Kenya
  • The advantage of being born and being raised here
  • Totally 'unique features' that make Kenya your travel destination.
  • And many other 'unique Kenyan best' things to do and experience.
  • Come back and visit more often or....

    An introduction to Kenya travels

    Lake Nakuru national park flamingos Welcome to Kenya, the best part of eastern Africa (at least to my own opinion)

    The mere mention of Kenya travels holidays tends to conjure images of wild animals living even in the city places and in people's houses.

    Is it because it is associated with Masai Mara famous for the wild beast one of the wonders of the world. You might be right but the secret is coming out now..

    The introduction to Kenya travels shows both sides of Kenya, with emphasis on know it now. Once you know you can take your vacations here, buy a villa, invest and even marry someone from Kenya who knows.

    Welcome to Kenya travel. Your way

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