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Learn about Mombasa and what makes this city a beautiful one. What is the history of Mombasa and why do the tourist love to visit this city compared to other cities around Kenya.

The coastal city of Mombasa is one of Africa’s major tourist destinations, with some of the best beaches in the world.

It is a place that attracts people from all over the world who come for various reasons but mostly to visit the beaches and relax themselves from the busy world that we experience daily.

Where is it located

Located on Kenya’s Eastern coastline bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has become popular for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly people.

It is a town known to be very attractive. Where entering is easy but coming out very hard.

Hope you are going to enjoy a lot when you visit the coastal region for your holidays in Kenya in East Africa.

about mombasa

What to find here in Mombasa

Mombasa has a lot more to offer than just amazing beaches and beautiful weather. I believe the best beaches in the world as per see.

It is up to you to visit and make your own judgment and conclusion.

It is good for the following reasons:

Actually if you are looking for a quiet evening out or a night of wild partying, Mombasa offers a variety of entertainment options. The best that you cant find anywhere else.

Mombasa has many nightclubs on the North Coast in close proximity to major hotels, as well as several on the South Coast.

Many of these hotels even have their own clubs right on premises. You have a surplus that you want.

All with the best facilities.

about mombasa

Where to visit

You can visit the beautiful beaches that stretch for miles along the North and South Coasts. Here you can have a relaxing vacation, watersports and fishing places that you want.

Also Mombasa has a lot more to offer visitors than just beaches.

Being the oldest town in Kenya the remnants of historical and cultural attractions from centuries ago still remain.

Other attractions showcase the diversity of flora and fauna in the region, and nature parks are an appealing destination for many visitors and you can have a visit to them

Have a culture walk

While in Mombasa you can also have a culture walk that will take you to know different cultures that are found here.

There are opportunities to experience the different facets of the Kenyan culture – within the city, in some of the surrrounding towns, and even in remote village


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