How to have adventure safari Kenya

How to make your adventure safari Kenya to be awesome.

Kenya is located under the equator and expect it to be hot through the year hence your number one destination for a safari.You can read

Kenya tourist destinations

for great areas that you can visit while in Kenya. Consider these factors that make Kenya a top tourist destination in Africa.

Types of safaris

There are several types of safaris that you get as you travel to Kenya but the major ones are:

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  • sleeping in tents (you can be accommodated in the park or the outside. It all depends on your choice)
  • comfortable luxurious tents or lodges within the park
  • With the options above you are making your safari in Kenya adventurous.

    Imagine spending all your time game viewing and then in the evening you head to your luxurious lodges found in the park. In the morning you wake up to see the animals and sometimes they will pass where you are pitching the tents.It is fun.

    Variety of parks around the country

    Kenya has so many National and game reserves that you can visit and see wild animals. We have the famous games like the Masai mara,Tsavo and many more.

    You have several choices to make but there are those parks that are crowded during the peak time because everybody knows them.You have several choices to make.

    Tribal village Safaris

    Kenya has over 42 tribes that are unique. They blend well with your safari in Kenya and make it adventurous one.

    Am sure you have heard of the masai tribe in Africa. Actually we have it in Kenya. Expect to sample their way of life and also get some unique ways that you cannot find anywhere else.

    Lastly but not least.

    The cost

    Kenya safaris don’t cost much. With as low as $120 per day you can have an adventurous safari in any park around the country.If you need the luxurious one. You can be charged extra but not much compared to the service and the fun you are going to get.

    Expect to enjoy much from your safari to Kenya.

    As you prepare yourself to visit the national parks and game reserves around Kenya.

    Expect to visit the following immediately you drop in the Jomo Kenyatta International airport.

    The attractions you are likely to visit are the following.

    Nairobi safari walk

    The safari walk offers the rare chance of viewing different types of animals behaving as they would in their natural habit.

    What a lovely game viewing you will have

    Rhino in nairobi safari walk

    You will walk on raised timbered boardwalks. This place makes an ideal area to start your safari in Kenya.

    The animal orphanage

    This is an area that you will find orphaned animals that needs attention and most of them are waiting to regain so that they can be taken back to the wildlife to join the rest.

    Kifaru shop

    The shop found at the gate of Nairobi national park offers you the opportunity to buy maps,diaries,wildlife DvDs and reference materials for you to use for the safari around the country.

    what a great place to begin with.

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