African safari holidays Kenya

African safari holidays Kenya that can make you have holiday safaris in Kenya for yourself and family members.

This an highlights of Kenya interesting facts that you can consider to choose it for your holiday safari.

  • Kenya has a unique weather
  • wildebeest migration
  • A rich culture
  • Wildlife animals
  • Coastal beaches
  • Have just mentioned few interesting factors that distinguishes Kenya from other holidays destination. You can go through them and make your own decision.

    But as your friend I want to remain genuine to you and share with you information that you cannot find anywhere.

    The theme of this site is discovering the secret in your traveling to Kenya.

    African safari holidays Kenya

    Kenya travel holidays

    (A Rhino in Nairobi orphanage)

    Actually if you remain avid to the information here and other pages. You will come to discover that Kenya is the best and you will ‘fall in love with it’.

    You can’t miss to come every time you want to have a safari in Africa. Kenya will always top in the list of the countries you will love to travel to.

    African safari holidays Kenya

    Lake nakuru national park

    (The pink flamingo in Lake Nakuru National park) I cannot afford to share with you something that can make you regret when you arrive here.

    The facts are simple and clear. Everything country has got it is own feature and it is up to you to make a choice the country that you want to visit anywhere in any place that you feel like.

    As a person who was born in this country called Kenya. All that am sharing with you is true and you can confirm the facts once you are here.

    Everything in the ground is good. It is best for you to just come and experience by yourself.

    African safari holidays Kenya

    Tsavo national park

    African safari holidays Kenya

    (The buffaloes in Tsavo National park)

    A friend wrote me an email form the US wanting me to share with him just two interesting facts that can make him have a safari in Kenya.

    After going through the free information on this site and even signing for my regular newsletter. Still he said he is yet to make up his mind.

    But before the week was over. He just decided to try and come because he was arguing that the information on my site is too good to be true.

    He just wanted to read but not commit himself.

    Now am telling you that having your safaris in Kenya is the best thing you can do. Come and experience the wildlife feature and taste the culture food if you want.

    Visit the Maasai Mara.

    What place do you want to visit next.

    Kenya is known to be a tourist destination and surely you will love to visit very many places around the country.

    Each place around the country is unique and you will enjoy

    African safari holidays Kenya

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