Animals in Kenya
The big five animals found in Kenya

Here is a list of the big five animals in Kenya.

When you visit in Kenya for your safari expect to see the following wild animals.

The Rhino

These type of animals who love to be alone or living in pairs. They are fantastic to watch in Kenya.

The Rhino in Kenya is grouped into two types.

  • The black Rhino
  • The white Rhino
  • The names are not based on the color as stated above.

    Actually these types of animals are rare in Kenya. If you want to have a better view. You can visit the Lake Nakuru national park sanctuary.

    This is the place you can be able to see them

    The Rhino in a park

    The Lion

    This it the pride of Africa and they are known as the largest big cat.

    They used to be many but are reducing with time.

    Expect to see them very active during the night and resting in shades during the day but are great animals to look at in the national and game reserves.

    The Buffalo

    These are the largest herd animals and you can find them in National and game reserves.

    They live in various region of Kenya. Mostly in national and game reserves.

    Even if just by a look they seem to be harmless. Let not that make you think so. They have actually killed more people than you can imagine.

    The only thing you can do is to keep off always when in the parks and reserves.

    The Leopard

    Leopards are the only animals known to take their kill into tress and you can always have a glimpse of their activities while on tour.

    You can take photos here.

    Leopards can be seen in parks and reserves around the country.

    The Maasai mara and the samburu reserves are the best places to spot them.

    The Elephant

    Elephants travels in herds and can be destructive.

    The African Elephant is the largest animal known.Even though they are destructive they are also known to be peaceful.

    They can be found in grasslands or the forested areas around the country.

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