Art in Kenya

Here is free information about art in Kenya. Learn about the tribes that practice art and what are some of the samples you can look at as you make your travel in Kenya for your safaris.


The tribes in Kenya are well known for producing some of the best crafts you can find in the world.

Let us start from the Gusii tribe which occupies the western part of Kenya bordering the Luo tribe in Nyanza province.

The Gusii people are known for soapstone carving.

They carve some of the best carving that you can find in the world.

They mine the soapstone that is found in Tabaka area in Kisii District. And the stone can be made into beautiful sculptures that is shaped into anything that you can think of.

The soap stone products can be bought anywhere around Kenya even outside the country of Kenya.

Also we have the maasai shield and spears that are made by the maasai tribe in Kenya.

The maasai tribe is also known for decorative beading that is lovely and you will find most of the people from this tribe wearing.

Kamba tribe is known for wood carvings.And they have long been known for skilled woodcarvers.They produce the finest woodcarving products that you cannot find anywhere else in Kenya.


Kenya has a variety of music including contemporary dance music,benga,traditional songs,R & B,Jazz music and much more.

The Kenyan music has grown tremendously and even attracted the international fraternity.

You can appreciate the Kenyan music during the national holidays in Kenya and festivals.

The music is accompanied by the musical instrument that is found among the tribes in Kenya.

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