best tourist places in Kenya

The favorite Kenya tourist destinations and safari tours in Kenya. Learn the best areas you can travel in Kenya and discover the secret to have the best tour in Kenya.

We have several tourist destinations in Kenya as you will come to know that Kenya is the best tourist destination in the eastern part of Africa and also one of the best in Africa for the following attractions.

When you visit my country you are given several safaris to choose. Which one are you going for:

balloon safaris

best tourist places in Kenya

Kenya travel holidays

best tourist places in Kenya

We have the finest reserve in Africa Maasai Mara that allows hot air balloon. You will be taken by a balloon to tour this game reserve. This is a well local managed reverse. Our Maasai tribe lives here and expects lots of entertainment when you visit this park.

If you want to have your tourist destination using a hot air balloon. Charges starts from $400.

You have lots of fun with this type of safari.

best tourist places in Kenya

Rhino at nairobi national park

best tourist places in Kenya

Walking safari

Nairobi national park is well known for its walking safari. You are guaranteed lot of fun. Many tourist prefer this because it is near Nairobi city and some distance from the airport.

You will be able to see many wild animals that are found in many National parks around the country. Within 20 minutes from the city you are able to see a Lion.

Mmmmh. What do you think?

It is fun. Isn’t? yeah I believe you can have it as one of your tourist destination when in Kenya. Let us go on.

Birding safaris as one your Kenya tourist destinations tour

Many National parks around Kenya have different species of birds. Actually to try to be more exact, there are over 1000 species in Kenya.

Choosing bird watching as your destination is rewarding.

And the most common destination for birding safari in Nakuru national park. Here you will be able to see the famous flamingo that we all know.

Well you can do game viewing too. We have the Rhino, hippos and the antelopes.

Make it your destination and you will never regret if you love birds.

best tourist places in Kenya

mombasa beach holiday

best tourist places in Kenya

Beach safaris

If you are for relaxation then we have the best beaches that you will love. Many of our beaches are found to the coastal region of Kenya.

Tourist prefer going to the beach, therefore expect hordes of tourist here.

The best place to find the good and popular beaches is Diani and watamu but more than that Kenya has good beaches to relax.

Get time to your around places in kenya,  you will come to appreciate the scenes you will see around because of what Kenya has.

Tourist who have made Kenya their one stop, have enjoyed some of the best places that we have.

best tourist places in Kenya

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