Capital of Kenya

The capital of Kenya as for now is Nairobi.

Nairobi is hub for many activities taking place in Kenya. Anything that you want in Kenya is found in Nairobi.

If you have planned your safari in Kenya. Know that Nairobi is the center of everything.

The facts highlighted below make it a unique cosmopolitan in the East and central Africa.

Well to make your tour a success in Nairobi Kenya.

Is to book for a hotel in Nairobi. If you have not booked one,then here are the best hotels in Nairobi. You can get best hotels like Hilton,safari park and many more.

Once you know that you are booked for a hotel. Next is to get a tour guide to show you around Nairobi. Even though we are providing concrete and complete information to help you in Nairobi and Kenya.

You also need a tour guide for the basics and experiences.

This gives you and opportunity to connect with others. Most cases arranged tours in Kenya involves groups.

This is through buses and small vans.

If you want to experience how Kenyans move from one point to another. You can also travel the way they do. Use the 'matatus' as it is called in Kenya.

What makes Nairobi unique

The capital of Kenya,Nairobi has a unique blend of features that you can see and enjoy yourself watching.

You will enjoy the following features found in Nairobi city and withing Nairobi.

  • The Nairobi national park
  • The Giraffe center
  • The Arboretum
  • The Karen Blixen
  • The National museum of Kenya
  • The Bomas of Kenya
  • You tour guide can help you start somewhere but it is good to have the facts in your finger tips in order to be conscious of the places you will visit.

    That is the reason you need to equip yourself with facts found on these page to help you have a success safari in Kenya.

    Facts and Features of Capital of Kenya -Nairobi

    When in Nairobi. You can know the history of Kenya here you will really experience more than what words can explain. The history of Kenya can be found in the museum of Kenya

    If you want to know the rich cultural of Kenya. Visiting the Bomas of Kenya will give you a glimpse of what you expect around the country.

    Here you will sample the Kenya culture at large in one stop.

    Nairobi offers the best.

    You can take a break and visit the the Arboretum,just found few miles from the city center.

    You will enjoy a serene environment with various species of birds and indigenous trees in this site.

    After that, you can go to the Giraffe center found in the Karen area in Kenya.

    Here you will get to see the giraffe animals at one stop. You can also re freshen yourself in this area.

    In Karen you can also visit the Karen Blixen museum. This was the home of the author 'Out of Africa'. Which is a museum now managed by the government of Kenya.

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