Car rental in Mombasa Kenya

Here is a detailed page to know about car rental in Mombasa Kenya. Get the best bargain. Know the prices and the type of car that you want for your holiday in Kenya.

Car rental in Mombasa is generally cheaper than getting tax services. Like if you plan to visit tourist destination or the restaurants in Mombasa.

Then, it is good to consider using car rental services.

You will enjoy driving yourself around Mombasa that having a tax that is dropping you.

How can you move from your hotel to go and see Fort Jesus or how can you move from your comfortable beach to the town center.

You need to consider taking a car that you have hired.

Which car

Below you will find factors that can guide you to choose a car that you can use in your safari in Mombasa.

Destination If you are planning to be just around Mombasa and its environments and don't want to go far away. Then consider taking a saloon car.

The car is comfortable and convenient to take you around Mombasa and back to your hotel room.

But if you want to visit Tsavo national park then you need to go for a 4WD drive which is good to move you around the park.

Cost The cost of hiring a car in Kenya is cheaper because you can get a car as low as Kshs. 2,000($25). It is good to check for the current rates to be up to date.

I promise to keep you up to date in this site.

Duration You need to be aware that when you hire a car for a long period of time. You are charged cheaper than when you take it for few days.

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