Things to consider when looking for
Cheap flights to Kenya

What you need to consider when looking for cheap flights to Kenya

You should know that the main airport in Kenya is called Jomo Kenyatta International airport is located within few miles from the city of Nairobi.

The other big airport in Kenya is located in Mombasa Kenya and is called Mombasa international airport which serves the tourist who are headed to the coastal region of Mombasa.

Book you ticket to Kenya in advance

Book your ticket in advance if you want cheap deal to Kenya. But if you are going to wait until the last minute to book your ticket then be assured that you are not going to get.

Unless you want to want to get a stand-by which is not easy to get.

Otherwise you will be in a safe position if you let say book for a march flight around October of the previous year.

Don't travel during the holiday

Cheap flights to Kenya are rare to find during the peak season of holidays in Kenya. The reason being. Many tourist and locals want to travel.

Don't travel on weekends

If you want to enjoy cheap travel to Kenya then don't book during the weekends.

This time many Kenyan want to travel back home and see their family from where they are working overseas.

One last tip to get a better deal for your flight

If you are planning to travel make sure you choose the off peak season. when many people are traveling to Kenya.

That way you will enjoy world class services cheaply.

Otherwise wish you happy travel to Kenya.

Have you booked an hotel in Kenya and if not be sure to book now!

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