culture trip kenya

Here is the information for your culture trip kenya to help you discover the culture of the Kenyans and also help you to plan for the safaris to various cultures found in kenya.

As you come to discover, we are the biggest promoters of the Kenyan culture and it's over 42 tribes.  

The information given here is to bring to your attention the unique position of each tribe in kenya and what it brings to the table. We have major and minor tribes in kenya. They are major in terms of population and we can say the numbers they consist.

culture trip kenya

Each tribe comes with a unique culture that you can experience, if there is a safari you can make is culture safari to each of the over 42 tribes in kenya.  You can start from the minor tribe towards the major tribe or vice versa. You are spoilt by choice and it is you to choose. 

Our guide her is to cover each culture of the tribe in details and give you a glimpse of what you expect as you makr decision on where to begin.

We take a stride in coveringeverything so that you can be in a position to decide, we have narrowed down to do culture safaris because it is an area ignored but very unique in terms connection. A part from doing wildlife safaris many don't do culture safaris because they lack the information to guide them and even some don't know where to begin. 

Therefore keep this site at your heart as you plan for your culture trip Kenya which will remain memorable in you for years to come, even you start today you can't finish visiting all the over 42 tribes in kenya. Mind you each culture of the tribe is unique unlike the wildlife that are the same from one game reserve to another national park.

culture trip kenya

In Kenya, each tribe is shaped by different understanding and perspectives that leads to different thinking, you will find a masasi culture in kenya is different from a nandi culture as well as a kisii culture.  Wherever you do a safari to each culture you will discover different ways of doing things. The way they cook food, they dress, they greet each other and build houses.

Every time to visit a tribe you will yearn to visit the next and next,  so on and your safaris to Kenya will be full of new experiences.

We are here to highlight everything and hold your hand towards culture trip to Kenya with full of new experiences.

culture trip kenya