Doing business in Kenya

Are you thinking doing business in Kenya. Here are some of the factors you can consider before you do your business in Kenya.

Below are steps to follow when you want to register a business in Kenya.

  • Do a name search for your business
  • stamp the memorandum and articles of the nominal capital
  • Pay stamp duty at the bank
  • Sign the Declaration of compliance at the commission of oaths
  • File deed and details with the registrar of companies at the attorney chambers offices -Nairobi
  • Register with the tax department for the PIN and VAT
  • Apply for your business permit
  • Register with the National social security fund
  • Register with the National Hospital insurance fund
  • Register for PAYE
  • Make a company seal and open up your business for operation and this can be done after you have been issued with the certificate of incorporation
  • Above are the steps required to follow to register your business in Kenya.

    Once you are issued with the certificate of incorporation then you can start your business in a conducive place that you have identified around the country.

    You can do your business anywhere in Kenya as long as you have the required papers from the government of Kenya.

    Kenya is a member of several commercial and as well as economic organization in Africa which qualifies it to be a safe place to do business in Africa.

    You can note that Kenya has got a free enterprise economy in east and central Africa which has a strong industrial base.

    Regulatory bodies in Kenya

  • Kenya bureau of standards
  • regulates good and commodities produced in Kenya and also those coming in from outside Kenya.

  • Communication commission of Kenya
  • Regulates telecommunication in Kenya.

  • Kenya Tourist Board
  • in charge of marketing tourism locally and internationally.

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