What about the economy of Kenya

What about the economy of Kenya. This are the facts about the economy.

The growing Agriculture activities are running the economy.

Most parts of the country receive rain round the year that enhances the growth of crops that sustains the economy.

The western part of Kenya and the parts of the Rift valley grows lots of crops that is sold around the country.

The Kenya economy is grouped to be developing but it is a stable one.

It has gone tremendous growth since independence.

Le us highlight some areas that drive the Kenya economy.


The Kenya economy is dependent on the area.

Actually it accounts the big portion of the GDP of Kenya.

Over 50 percent of the population of Kenya are directly or indirectly employed by this sector.

Agriculture plays a key role in the growth of the economy.

Coffee and Tea are the cash crops that are exported outside the country .


This sector is dominated by food processing such as sugarcane processing,grain milling and beer production.

This is because Kenya is an agriculture state.


Kenya is covered by National and game reserves that are spread across the country.

This area has contributed heavily to the growth of the economy of Kenya lately.

We have seen many tourist coming to Kenya to visit the wild life animals and other interesting scenes.

And the figure has kept on growing which contributes to the economy.

Other areas that have significantly contributed to the growth of the economy are




The economy has grown tremendously since 1990 except in early 2000 before it came up again in 2003.

It slowed down again during the post election violence that broke in Kenya during the elections that are held in this country every after five years.

Otherwise the economy of Kenya is doing well compared to the counterparts in the East Africa.

Though the country rely of the agriculture.

in recent times we have seen areas like tourism and telecommunication contributing much to the economy.

The tourism sector is contributing at least $700 million is revenue to the government.

And many tourist who visit Kenya. Appreciate the natural resources and the wild life that is fantastic and well managed around.

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