Energy drinks Kenya

Energy drinks Kenya -You want a list of energy drinks that are found in Kenya. As you make your Kenya travel you will discover that there are several energy drinks that you can enjoy.

Energy drinks

Below here we are listing some of the energy drinks that you can find in the Kenya market.

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Have a glimpse of the energy drinks that are in the Kenya market right now

Red bull Vita500 Kenya

Some of the companies that manufacture energy drinks in Kenya according to yellow pages are listed below.

There more manufactures than we can provide in this page but be sure that we shall keep on updating this page to keep it update.

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Manufactures of the energy drinks in Kenya

Slater & Whittaker Ltd

Kenya Ltd Ghale House, Moi Ave, City Centre, Nairobi

Mohan's Oysterbay Drinks (K) Ltd

Krishna Park, 3rd Parklands Ave, Parklands, Nairobi

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