The best family vacations in Kenya

Taking my family for Family vacations in Kenya to explore the culture of samburu in the northern part of Kenya. Here is my experience and the reason why you need to take your family there for a safari tour.

We out as a family to Lake Turkana found to the northern part of Kenya. Why north of Kenya?

We to me wanted to know the culture of the Samburu people who are found in the northern part of Kenya.

As a Kenyan have always found my country to be interesting. One thing that makes Kenya to be unique is because of the many cultures that are found here.

So we set early in the morning from Nairobi Kenya. We didn’t want to fly there but wanted to experience some unique features that are found on the way there.

I and the family love nature.

It was our opportunity to thank God for placing us in country. Have always loved my country to the dot. The whole site is dedicated to the loveable Kenya.

Find the details as we move on.

So we were at Lake Turkana late in the evening at around 3pm. We were welcomed by people who love visitors. Actually the Samburu people feel great to see visitors.

These people love their traditional ways. Wow! Many have decorated their faces and upper bodies with intricate patterns with emphasis on their eye lines and arrange into elaborate plaits. Awesome to look at.

Praise God we were here for family vacations in Kenya.

We enjoyed sharing together their tradition and had an opportunity to sample some of their arts. We took the beading that is worn around the neck before we would put it in the car.There was the camel. This is the ‘car’ that they use to pack most of their things and carry them around.

In the evening had the opportunity of taking camel milk and also tasted the blood and milk mixed together to make it tasty but my wife and children didn’t want to my wife Christine said it is disgusting

To me it was a way of connecting with the locals and the people we originate from the same country.

We slept in the lodge which my family preferred but there are so many options like sleeping in a camp that is managed by the samburu community.

Family vacation in Kenya-Thompson falls You can visit the mighty Thompson falls and enjoy with your family

You will never regret visiting this falls in Kenya

Lake Nakuru national park flamingo Good to see at Lake nakuru national park

These birds are great to watch. you can take your family to Lake nakuru and let them enjoy viewing the flamingos.

Lake nakuru national park -antelope

While still in Lake nakuru national park.There are wild animals that you can see around like the antelope in the photo above

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