About Fort Jesus Mombasa

Learn about fort Jesus Mombasa,Where it is found. The unique about this attraction in the city of Mombasa. Why you must visit it when you visit Mombasa for your safari in Kenya

This is an old place in Mombasa that has been turned to be a tourist attraction.

Mombasa is a major tourist attraction in Kenya and many tourists prefer traveling to Mombasa for their holidays.

When you are in Mombasa and you feel tired with the beaches,you can take a walk to fort Jesus to get a glimpse where Mombasa has come from.

It is one of the oldest town in Kenya and has got lots of things to offer you.

You will enjoy yourself and have fun with what you will get here in Mombasa.

The location for this attraction is ideal in that you can walk around the town and also meet the coastal people in the town.

Some precautions

Since you are in a foreign land it is good to take caution and make sure you remain safe.

Many people are aware that tourist are around and want to take advantage because they think you have much money and want to get the money from.

And if possible walk in a group when you are visiting fort Jesus and any other tourist attraction in Kenya.

When you are in a group, not only are you not going to enjoy more but also share common knowledge with the rest of the people or the tourist that visit Kenya.

Kenya is a safe country to visit but we cannot rule out everything and hence taking care of yourself when you visit this beautiful country.

There are so many places you are going to visit while in Kenya but fort Jesus is one of the best place that you will not miss to visit to make your holiday a great one

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