giraffe safari Kenya

Information for giraffe safari Kenya.Here is where you can find giraffe center . Know how you can access this place,what means you can use to reach the giraffe center,the latest pictures from the center.

Giraffe Centre is located in Langata, just outside Nairobi. Within few miles drive from the city center of Nairobi.

It is a place you will want to visit or take your kids to have a glimpse of the giraffe.

As the name suggests, is the place where Rothchild’s giraffes can be spotted. Visitors can feed them with hands as well.

Visitor’s center contains a building which has a walkway. This walkway’s height is just near the height of adult giraffe.

Information regarding giraffe is displayed at this place.

Everywhere you walk you will see tall giraffe that you can touch and have the experience.

giraffe safari Kenya

You will learn a lot from these animals.

The centre has been ostensibly set up as a breeding centre for the endangered Rothschild giraffe, but now operates conservation/education programs for Kenyan school children.

There is good information on giraffes available here, and an elevated feeding platform where visitors meet the resident giraffes face to face.

Mmh. What do you think.

Hand feeding giraffes is an education in itself. Many have tried and have really enjoyed because it is a skill that you learn.

That is why I recommend you to visit this center to have the best experience.

You will see, close at hand, how they use their long, prehensile tongues to remove leaves from prickly acacia branches.

The centre is also home to Giraffe Manor, a beautifully maintained colonial home, now an exclusive guesthouse.

The centre's giraffe population wander freely through the lush gardens, and pay an occasional visit to the house itself, often pushing their heads through the French Windows to inspect the breakfast table

giraffe safari Kenya

giraffe safari Kenya

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