good time to visit Kenya

good time to visit Kenya is essentially anytime of the year but the most favorable time is between  July and September.Generally the climate of Kenya is conducive for your visit in Kenya.

We enjoy warm climate through the year. With little rain here and there since Kenya is placed in the equator it is an ideal place for your vacations.

Why the climate of Kenya is favorable?

climate of kenya- kenya highlands

good time to visit Kenya

The climate is warm round the years By large Kenya is warm. And if you plan to have your safaris round Kenya. You will experience different types of weather that is found here. With differing topography ,you will have some areas experiencing rain while others lots of sunshine. But it all loveable.

Like now the hottest months are from February to April while the coolest months are July through August.

If you love hot season then you must plan to make your safaris here during the month of February, march or April. And remember that during this time lots of tourists jam here for their vacations.

During this time the rates are high too because of the demand. And if you love the rain season. Then plan to come in the month of July- August. Expects this time not to do minimal game viewing because of the sprouting plantations in the National and game reserve .

good time to visit Kenya

lake nakuru flamingoes

Also this time the rates are low and you are going to pay cheaply for your safaris around because not many people are coming for their vacations in Kenya.

good time to visit Kenya

climate of kenya

good time to visit Kenya

Coastal region is humid and hot

The Mombasa region and its environs like Malindi experience minimal rainfall. Which makes it an ideal place for the vacations.

Coming to Kenya for your safaris. Malindi can be an ideal place for you to have fun and if you don’t like the cold weather that we experience here in the highlands then choosing the coastal region can be good for you.

You can visit Kenya all the year round because there are good places across Kenya that you can visit even through other parts might be cold the rest of the parts of Kenya will be hot or warm, check out the part of Kenya you want to visit and you will know the timing and season.

good time to visit Kenya

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