important travel tips for kenya

The following are important travel tips for Kenya. Observe this and you are guaranteed a fantastic safari in Kenya.

  • Make sure you have all the traveling documents that will enable you to travel to Kenya
  • once you are sure that you have that is required to be enabled to travel to Kenya.

    Check the Kenyan embassy in your country for a visa.

    Also note that there are countries that are not required to have a visa in order to travel to Kenya.

  • Carry your safari clothes and other requirements
  • Since you are going to Kenya Africa expect the climate to be different from your country. Depending on the time of travel.

    You might be traveling during the warm season or the rain season. Check the weather of Kenya before you travel. This will enable you be ready in case of anything but otherwise Kenya is at the center of the Equator.

    Expect most parts to be warm.

  • Get the most common culture practices among the Kenyan people
  • Kenya is divided into several tribes which totalize to around 42. And most of these ground of people share a lot.And many of them live near the parks that host the wild life animals.

    Some of them have migrated to the city and adopted the city culture. You will experience a rich culture when you travel to Kenya.

    But the official languages in Kenya are the English and Kiswahili.

    In the city expect to hear another language they call in Kenya ‘Sheng’ a mixture of Kiswahili and other local languages. Many city dwellers love speaking this.

    Take care of your belonging while in Kenya

    While you are guaranteed safety in Kenya. You can’t miss bad elements that are not good in the society.

    To remain safe it is good to look after your stuff because they might be stolen or snatched in case you are walking around the city or any other city like Mombasa or Kisumu in Kenya.

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