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Looking for information about Nairobi?Here free information that can guide you to know about Nairobi,where it is located,what means to use to access Nairobi,what are some of the attractions found here.

The Nairobi city center is an area of around 1 km square that is predominantly busy with different activities.

Due lack of proper information. getting around Nairobi can prove to be tedious if you are a foreigner and it is your first time to be in Nairobi.

That is why we recommend that you get Nairobi travel guides to get you round and also show you areas around Nairobi.

But as you get your travel guide,we are going to raise your awareness through equipping you with relevant information that can familiarize you with Nairobi.

Nairobi is commonly known 'The green city in the sun'. what makes it to be called so.

Nairobi history goes back to 1899 when the first railway depot was built. You can learn about the Nairobi railway museum here .Get complete photos and information about the history of the railway.

The place was a swamp that was occupied by the Masai tribe one of the Kenya tribes.

The Masai used to called the place Enkare nyirobi meaning cool waters.

Later in 1907,Nairobi became a commercial center and the capital of British east Africa replacing Mombasa.

Today the city of Nairobi is cosmopolitan,multicultural,lively and modern city that you will love to visit.

Many people from around other parts of the country are migrating to the city and hence making the population to be big and bigger each day.

As it stands now. Nairobi has become an economic hub for the larger east Africa countries.

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