kenya bird watching safari
Kenya birding tours

Where to have Kenya bird watching safari for your birding tours in Kenya. Make your safari in Kenya awesome with this activity.

You will love to visit:

Lake Nakuru National park

This national park known for its flamingos birds is your stop for bird watching in Kenya. I highly recommend it because not only you will watch the birds but you will also have the opportunity to see the Rhino, hippos and many other wildlife animals.

Kenya has several species of birds that will be fun watching as you have your travel holidays in Kenya. Just above is an examples but you are going to discover more species because there are more than 1000 species in Kenya.

My son mark Chweya love having bird watching as an activity.

Maybe has sparked me to have some interest in bird watching.

Well. Here you are having your bird watching.

On top of having your safari in Kenya, bird watching is another activity you can do while you having your travel in Kenya.

The reason for choosing Kenya to be your travel increases because of this activity. Actually Kenya ranks second in terms of the number of birds count. Therefore you are assured of many species of these creatures.

You need to make Kenya bird watching safari as thoughtful activity for your safari.


As I was growing up I loved hunting birds not to keep them but to turn them into my favorite meal. As a young budding with full of energy I got influenced about the delicious meat that you can get from the birds meat.

Even though in my area there are not so many species of birds that have come to appreciate of late that you find around many areas in Kenya.

Am not a novice bird watcher but expect the information here is free for you to use as a guide as you make your safari in Kenya.Am mentioning few areas that you can visit for your bird watching while you are in Kenya travel.

You will have the opportunity to see over 1000 species of birds in Kenya( remember it is second in Africa in terms of species).

The best time to have your bird watching is year round but October to April is the best times that have come to discover since am always here.

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