About Kenya cities

Here is information about Kenya cities and what you need to know as you plan for your safari to Kenya.


Nairobi is the current capital of Kenya.And it is the largest city in Kenya with up to date facilities and amenities that you cannot find anywhere else around Kenya.

It is central place for the many activities taking place in Kenya.

It also doubles as the county headquarters for the Nairobi county.

The largest airport in Kenya is found in Nairobi.


Mombasa is smaller that Nairobi and is found to the coastal region of Kenya.

It is where the second largest airport in Kenya found.

Much of the industry is driven by trade. since there is a major international airport here.

Expect many foreigners to this place either to do vacation,trade or just doing personal activities in this city.

You will enjoy a lot when you are in Mombasa.


Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya and it is found the western part of Kenya.

It is a port town but sitting on the shores of Lake Victoria.

There are several activities taking place in Kisumu like fishing and trade.

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