Learn more about the Kenya culture

Kenya culture is rich.Welcome to our page where we provide information that can guide you as you plan your safari to Kenya to experience their culture and learn a lot from them.

You will learn unique features,languages,arts that comes by from the Kenya people.

We have over 40 tribes among the Kenya people which has rich cultural background.

The official language of communication in Kenya is English and swahili.

Kenya food

The Kenyan food comprises of:

  • Ugali
  • Sukuma wiki
  • Fish
  • Nyama choma (roast goat or beef meat) If you make cultural safari around the 42 tribes found in the land of Kenya. You will discover that each tribe boasts of having food eaten by most Kenyans. You will find some food taken by other tribes is not really common among Kenyans. 
  • kenya culture

    But you are assured of ugali and sukuma wiki in most tables among the Kenyan people. Kenyan also enjoy taking tea and coffee. Other aspects integrated to be part of the Kenya culture include: sports, music and arts From long time ago Kenyan have always embraced sports as a way of harmonizing peace among the its people. The most commonly played sports is soccer and it is popular among Kenyan people even though other sports are also adored well. Music and songs also remains well loved around Kenya. Traditional songs used to be favored well but things are changing fast and many people now are westernizing. 

    kenya culture

    National customs Knowing about the national customs found in Kenya is also important. Briefly some of the embraced customs for almost all the tribes in Kenya include Handshake Expect to see many Kenyans greeting each other in the streets and actually is an elaborate kind of greeting. If you visiting for the first time and where you come from you don't allow handshake. when you come to Kenya. Don't get culture shock because here is normal to greet with hands. National dress Compared to other East Africa countries like Rwanda,Uganda and many more. Kenya doesn't have a national dress but you have heard or read somewhere about the shuka of the Maasai. You will also see the people from the coast wearing Khanga outfit mostly worn by women. But Kenyans embraces the west Africa outfit and you are going to see it worn publicly as you walk in the street of Nairobi or when you go to Mombasa. Tribal customs Kenyan embraces the concepts of tribes so much and they love associating with it very much. You will see them portraying it when eating,the way they dress and even when communicating.

    Kenya is very unique in terms of culture and you are guaranteed to learn a lot from the over 42 tribes in kenya with very rich culture.