Kenya language

Get to know the Kenya language spoken by most people found in Kenya.

Kenya is a multicultural destination.

With over 40 tribes on the table. Expect several languages to be spoken in Kenya.

But let not that overwhelm you.

Kenya has official language which is spoken widely around Kenya.

The official language in Kenya is English. The British English is widely spoken because Kenya was colonized by the British hence the roots.

You will also find this other official language in among the Kenya people.

Kiswahili is well spoken around Kenya.

You will find even those who are illiterate to speak this language.

It is good to know some common terms like;

Jambo meaning Hello

Ahsante meaning Thank you

Nakupenda meaning I love you

Pole meaning Sorry

Ninaitwa meaning I'm called

Those are common terms that you can share with any Kenyans and you get a response even to the Mama mboga down the village of Kenya.

If you are in the city of Nairobi.

You will also hear another common language known locally as Sheng. This is a mixture of English and a local language i.e kikuyu or Luo or Kiswahili and a local dialect and so on.

This kind of language keep on changing and hence dynamic.

The words keep on changing in reference to people,places and so on.

But you can enjoy listening to it and learn one or two words during your safari in Kenya.

Indigenous Languages in Kenya

The following are the indigenous language spoken by the 42 tribes in Kenya.

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