Why kenya mombasa travel?Places you can visit

Why have Kenya Mombasa travel in your list? There are several places that you can visit while in Mombasa including wonderful Mombasa beach hotels, leisure lodges and fort Jesus Mombasa.

Some of the places that you can visit in Mombasa include:

  • The beaches
  • Fort Jesus
  • Tribal villages in Mombasa
  • Tsavo national parks
  • Kenya beach holidays

    Mombasa in Kenya has always being attractive to many people including the tourist both within and without.This has led to Mombasa being a multi-cultural town in Kenya.Many foreigners have invested in this place. This is because once a person visits this place then falls in love with the wonderful features.

    Even if you want to game view in Kenya and want only to visit parks and game reserves then go back. It is good to travel in Mombasa.

    Many tourists who come to Kenya have never missed the coastal region for their Kenya Mombasa travel beaches.Always have wondered why until went thereIt is my country but I cannot be everywhere. I decided to have local tourism to appreciate my country and also have something to share. Kenya Mombasa travel beaches All along never realized that one day who have a website to share with others who want to know about Kenya and also travel here to see the beauty of this wonderful country.

    I come from the western part of Kenya in a place called Kisii which is several miles from the coastal region of Kenya.

    Mombasa beach travel

    If am traveling by road. I can take around 24 hours to be in Mombasa because have to pass through Nairobi.

    Mombasa is so attractive till you don’t want to come back.

    It is a tempting place. Life is cool and wonderful. Everything here goes slowly and there is no hurry over something.

    Expect a lot of slowness when you are travel to Mombasa.

    Properly it is because they are near the ocean waters and sometime the ocean is quite which leads to lots of meditation from people living around.

    But don’t think many love to meditate.


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