Kenya must see places

Kenya must see places that you can have fun for yourself or with your family.It is the second highest peak in Africa. If you didn’t know.

Then that is the fun part of it. The mountain is the place of light as the locals in the area happened to know it. If you go there am sure you will echoe the belief too.

When I set my foot as one of the local tourist to learn about my country. We set out as a family and wanted to go and show our children this highest mountain in Kenya that my eldest son Mark Chweya only gets to learn in books.

Well am a practical guy. I want to see for myself how things are done and that is why I recommend to you to come and experience all that am telling you and sharing with you in this page and elsewhere around this Kenya travel site.

On arrival at Mount Kenya. It was around 4pm and you know that you can do little at this time and the only thing you can do is to sleep and wake up in the morning to have your fun.

Kenya must see places

Kenya must see places

We were four of us. Me, my wife and our two wonderful kids. Mark gaped and asked his mum. Who is always his favorite. I always get favors from my daughter. Well that is a story for another day.

When made Mount Kenya as one of our tourist sites in Kenya at that year 2008.

The locals who happen to be kikuyus told us that the mountain is beautiful when you see it early in the morning. So the following day we were up by five in the morning to enjoy this mountain from where we were sleeping.

We saw the 5199 metre summit and the lesser peak of point Lenana which is about 4985 metres high.

Kenya must see places

We didn’t climb any of the peaks but am planning to do myself later but at this time we went there to wonder this mountain.

If you plan and trek any of them. Many have managed Lenana point which you can take around 4 to five days as we were told by our fellow locals. When you trek you can have the opportunity to passing through the mundane vegetation and to the equatorial snow to the peak.

Once up you will have one of the best views that you will always remember.

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