Kenya passport

You need a Kenya passport. Here is the latest information and guide on how to apply for one and get your passport.Detailed requirements is here.

If you are staying in Kenya. Then you can get your passport from Nyayo house, the passport section.

You can also get your passport from other major cities around the country.

If you are in Kisumu or its environs you can travel there and get your passport. Towns like Migori,Kisii,and major towns that surrounds kisumu city.

The residents can travel to Kisumu and apply for your passport.

And if you are in Mombasa city and other towns that surround the city. You can also apply your passport there.

With the introduction of the counties in Kenya. Applying your passport is going to be easy.

Because you will apply at the county headquarters.

Currently we have 47 counties in Kenya.

Why have the Kenyan passport

The passport is a legal document that is recognized by the government of Kenya.

Anyone who is a Kenyan citizen can obtain this important document.

If you plan to travel outside Kenya,then you need a passport for you to travel.

The document can also be used to conduct many legal transaction around Kenya and even outside the country.

Make sure you check for the date of expiry because it is very important to know.

And if you discover that your passport has expired. Then you need to take it back and get it renewed.

One day me and my brother wanted to travel to Uganda. Actually my brother had not checked whether the passport had expired.

On reaching the border of Malaba. The officers told us that his passport had expired. Imagine what we underwent at that time.

This is just an advice even if you don't use your passport regularly make sure you keep it safe and also check it frequently for the expiry date.

You can also indicate somewhere as a reminder when the date comes. You can remind yourself.

If you are a tourist, get the lesson and renew your passport before you start planning your safari to Kenya.

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