Kenya people

You need to know about Kenya people as you plan your safari to this beautiful country in East Africa. The people of Kenya are lovely and they love visitors

As an information provider and guide, all that we give here is what you need to make a decision to visit Kenya for your planned safari.

Kenya people

Actually people of Kenya are grouped into tribes and are more than 40 tribes.

If you travel around Kenya you will hear now and then that so and so belong to a certain tribe here in Kenya.

But generally Kenya has several tribes both major and minor. Let is look at the major tribes in Kenya.

The Kikuyu

The kikuyu tribe occupiess the central part of Kenya and major in Agriculture as a way of earning a living.

They account up to 20 percent of the total population in Kenya and is believed to be the strongest tribe among the many tribes we have in Kenya.

They occupy major political positions in Kenya.


The luyha tribe is believed to be the second largest tribe in Kenya and they occupy to the western part of Kenya.

They have a collection of distinct identities that they use to identify themselves and includes the Bukusu,Maragoli,Samia and many more

Most of them practise Agriculture as a way to earn a living.

The luo

This tribe occupies the lake Victoria shores to the western part of Kenya.

They speak Dholuo

Traditionally they eat fish as their staple food

The Kalenjin tribe

The kalenjin tribe is found to the western part of Kenya in the Rift Valley province here in Kenya.

The tribe has produced great athletics in Kenya that contribute to the economy of Kenya.

The Kamba tribe

The Kamba tribe occupies to the Eastern part of Kenya and are well known for their woodcarving venture.

The Masaai tribe

They occupy in the Rift valley of Kenya.

This is the most famous tribe known all over the world because of their culture.

They dress in a unique style that differentiate them from the rest of the tribes in Kenya.

They have come to make a mark as they represent Africa as culture.

Their staple food is a mixture of blood and milk that they enjoy taking.

Tradtionally they live in Manyattas

Kenya people

If you choose to do a culture safari, where you decide to visit the over 42 tribes found in Kenya you will learn a lot from the people of Kenya.

kenya people

Kenya people