About the Kenya real estate

Learn about the Kenya real estate and what it can offer.

Unlike other areas in the region the real estate in Kenya is growing and has attracted many players to this field.

Kenya offer breathtaking places that you can invest and if you love the oceanfront and ocean-view properties then Kenya is the best in the region.


Take this into consideration when buying real estate in Kenya.

  • In today's economy 'asking price' is exactly that. negotiate always
  • If you love oceanfront and oceanview features then consider the coastal region like Lamu,Malindi and other related areas in the coast.
  • If you love a way from the waters then the highland region is the best for and you can consider around Nairobi or its environments.
  • always consult the government agencies before you commit your money to the seller,you are in a foreign land therefore take cautions

    When you are having your travels around Kenya it is good to be always on the look out for the opportunities in the real estate.

    Despite of that it has remained untapped for high end travelers.

    If you love Kenya and want to try and put here then Kenya offers the best option.

    If you are like me who work from home and you don't want a fixed point.

    Meaning you are mobile and you always move with your office whenever you want.

    Then you can try the real estate in Kenya. Come and buy a house here.

    Some areas that you invest are:

    Greater nairobi

    Kenya property prices are generally high in the posh areas like Runda,Karen,Kileleshwa,Muthaiga and Muthaiga.

    This places is mostly liked because it has got well connected sewer system and also they don't fall short of water like other places in Nairobi.

    Generally if you want to invest in Nairobi. You can invest in the areas highlighted above or the upcoming areas like mlolongo,Athi river,ngong and many other areas around Nairobi.

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