Kenya safari amboseli national park

Why you need to consider Kenya safari amboseli national park for your safaris in Kenya Africa. Here is detailed information,the pictures and how you can book for this safari.

How to get to Amboseli National park

Actually if you make your stop in Nairobi,Kenya. Then, you are going to take 5 hours self drive from Nairobi.And the nearest town here is Namanga which is found at the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

If you want to access this park by air. This park has got a central airstrip that allows private and chartered planes to land.

You can plan to go to Amboseli alone or through a group safari package.

But since it is your first time to visit Kenya or this park. You are highly recommended to join your fellow travelers who are going for a safari in Amboseli from Nairobi or Mombasa.

Expect to enjoy lots of dust as you travel from Namanga to the park but it is enjoyable and if you are allergic to the dust then seek medical attention from your doctor.

When visiting Amboseli national park for your safari expect to enjoy the following features.

  • Since this park is close to the border of Kenya and Tanzania -you will be able to enjoy viewing Mount kilimanjaro across the border
  • Amboseli national park is known for unique ecosystem and a variety of game.
  • It is also known Kenya to be the best park with several numbers of Elephants that are visible and you can enjoy viewing them
  • Where to stay while in Amboseli

    In most cases you will get a full package from your travel agent but if you have arranged the safari a lone and want to know more about the accommodation found here

    Then below is a list of the hotels that offers the accommodation services in Amboseli.

    You will get some hotels charging expensively and others cheaply. it is you to choose where to stay depending on your pocket.

    Kenya safari amboseli national park

    Kenya safari amboseli national park

    Some of the wild animals you expect in Amboseli

  • Elephant
  • Rhino
  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Buffalo
  • The above animals are commonly known as the big five animals in Africa.

    Not only will enjoy viewing the animals but you will also have fun in the jungle life that you cannot find anywhere else.

    Kenya safari amboseli national park

    Kenya safari amboseli national park

    Hope the information in this site will help you decide and make a safari to Amboseli for wildlife viewing and have fun

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