kenya safari masai mara

Here is the kenya safari masai mara to have a look at.Get to know the attractive features that make Masai Mara to be a unique safari in Kenya.

Mara is the most popular park in Kenya right now.

Why is it popular? Well, keep on reading your answers is coming but I will answer you. The real answer you will get it when you visit the Masai mara.

Meanwhile those who visit the reserves quotes the following reasons:

Home for Big Five animals

It is a home for the Big Five animals. If you are not familiar with those terms. Then the big five stands for the size of wild animals you expect to see in the game reserves namely:

  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Elephant
  • Leopard
  • buffalo
  • Hope you are getting me now.

    Masai Mara is located to the south of Nairobi 225 kilometers away from the city of Nairobi. Expect to be driven there by road or if you chose you can charter a plane and you land in the Mara reserve.

    Wildebeest migration

    This is the most spectacular wild feature ever known in Kenya and Africa at large.

    Between September to October of each year a million of wildebeest and several zebras trek from Serengeti plains in Tanzania to Kenya then back.

    kenya safari masai mara

    Who want to miss this feature? Hope you don’t miss.

    Traditional Masai village inside the reserve

    Well, the name Masai Mara is given by the Masai tribe found within this game reserve.

    One thing that stands out from this tribe is the way they live. Actually they have managed to hold their traditional dearly until its known all over the world as an international symbol for an African tribe.

    I originate from the Kisii but have admired the Masai so much.

    Expect to be treated with a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. Starting from the traditional dances. You can also buy their wares and go back with them.

    Those are some of the spectacular features that make Masai Mara to be an attractive point in Kenya. But there are several tourist destinations that are attractive too.

    Make a choice and have the best safari kenya masai mara

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    kenya safari masai mara

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