Kenya safari places

Kenya safari places and why you need to consider Kenya safari as you next travel destination.

It is possible to organize your own safari in Kenya Africa. The reason being many of the parks in Kenya are accessible using the vehicle. An added advantage since you can hire a car or join the one found at entry of to the parks.

That is the beauty of being in Kenya as a tourist.

The Kenyan tourism offers several added values that you cannot find anywhere else (according to this site)

Actually in the Kenyan tourism there are too many options for your safaris. Starting from 2 day trip to 15 days and even longer than that. In short you have several choices to make.

You have the opportunity to lodge and even camp in your safaris in Kenya.

Here is the secret towards knowing why you need to choose Kenya travel for your safari.

Kenya safari places


Most safaris in Kenya fall into any of these categories.

  • The mara circuit
  • You will choose either a 3 day trip or 7 day trip.

    Kenya safari places

    Kenya travel holidays

    Kenya safari places

    The 3 day trip will take you to Masai Mara National reserves the most popular park in Kenya for now. It is near Nairobi city. You will spend 2 nights in the park and enjoy the magnificent of the park and if you want more.

    Then you can choose the 7 day trip all the way to Masai Mara,pass through Lake Nakuru National park and see the famous huge pink flamingo you have heard of and finally Samburu game reserves. Absolutely a fantastic trip never to forget.

  • The southern circuit safari
  • This one ends in the coastal region of Mombasa where you spend your vacation at the beach.

    The starting point.

    The safari starts from Nairobi to Amboseli National park all the way to Tsavo National park where you will see the big elephants

    Kenya safari places

    Tsavo east

    Kenya safari places

    The benefit of going to this one is because of the Mombasa beach. If you don’t want that then choose this one.

  • Northern circuit
  • You go to Lake Turkana in the northern part of Kenya. Take around 15 days for your safari.

    The Samburu tribe is found here. Sample their lifestyle and enjoy what the culture gives. The safari is wonderful to be.

    At least now you have gotten the opportunity to know what Kenya can give you in terms of tourism. It is not wildlife a lone that you are visiting.

    There are many features in Kenya that you can visit and have a great safari.

    Take your time to go through this free information that is provided and you catch up with what is happening in Kenya.

    Kenya safari places

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