Kenya safari where to go

Here is the information and guide for  Kenya safari where to go and that will enable you make a conscious choice as you plan for your safari to Africa.  We have reasons as to why you need to choose the Kenyan wildlife for your safaris 

Kenya is a country of wildlife adventures that you cannot find anywhere else in Africa and belief also in the world at large. It gives breathtaking scenes and Kenya also boasts as a unique country in the world of having a wildlife park right in the city.

What makes the Kenya wildlife unique is the experience of the wildlife animals that are spread across the National parks and game reserves around Kenya.

Actually Kenya has more that enough National parks that you can enjoy to visit and have fun watching animals.

Kenya is well known to offer the best scenes of wildlife in the eastern part of Africa.

The wildlife adventures that you expect in your safari in Kenya includes,animals in the parks and game reserves.

wildlife safari in kenya

The big five animals in Kenya

  • Lion
  • Elephant
  • Buffaloes
  • Rhino
  • Leopard
  • Kenya safari where to go

    The above 'big five' animals have made the wildlife sector in Kenya to be great and a must for anyone who want to have fun in Africa.

    A story to spice up your safaris....

    A tourist came to Kenya for wildlife adventures and since he had not came across a Lion.

    Where he came from they used to have cat around home.

    Reaching Kenya he visited the Nairobi national park as the first stop for his safaris.

    Just inside the park he came face to face with the lion,one of the big five animals found in the park.

    Immediately he thought that it was the a big cat that he is used before.

    That is an adventurous journey that you will experience when you visit this beautiful country called Kenya.

    Just know that all the national parks and game reserves in Kenya are secure. They are guarded by the Kenya wildlife services security agencies.

    Therefore your safari in the wildlife adventures is going to be fun.

    You also need to know that Kenya has got a national park within its vicinity from the capital city of Kenya.

    Immediately you arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport you can enjoy visiting this park that is within few miles from the city center.

    Actually it is the only one around the world.

    wildlife safari in kenya

    Kenya is a great country to do your safari,  choose it and you will never regret your visit

    Kenya safari where to go

    Kenya safari where to go

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