kenya samburu safari

Having Kenya samburu safari tour is rewarding. You will have experiences by observing the traditional ways of the samburu people and also enjoy the rich culture that these tribe has kept for long in Kenya.

Going to Samburu for your kenya traditional safari tour is highly rewarding.

You will have traditional experiences from the Samburu people that are found in Kenya.

The rich culture will bless you very much when it comes to traditional traveling.

The samburu tribe is a semi-nomadic people who are found at the central part of the rift valley of Kenya.

Their livelihood is dependent on the cattle,sheep and goats that they keep for milk,blood and meat.

They also do farming but very little because of the place that they are living in.

The samburu tribe still wears the traditional Shukas for men and Kanga for women As they are commonly referred to here in Kenya.

Men wears

Samburu National Reserve

Is relatively a small park compared to other parks around the country.

The park is known for the rare animals that you cannot find in other places namely gerenuk, Grevy's zebra, reticulated giraffe and Beisa onyx

You can also find other well known animals such as the Lion,cheetah,elephant and many more animals that are found in other parks around the country.

The game reserve is hot and dry during the day and cool during the evening and at night.

You can also find different types of bird species and this will make a great place if you love to watch birds.

Actually you find over 350 species of birds here.

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