Kenya tourist places

Kenya tourist places includes.

  • National park and game reserves
  • Kenya has one of the best managed National parks and game reserves around.

    Getting around to see the wild animals will make one appreciate this wonderful country.

    The National parks and game reserves has the big five animals that are known all over the world.

    You will have the opportunity of game viewing the Rhino.

    Kenya tourist places

    The Rhino

    Kenya tourist places

    The big animal is found in many parks around the country.

    Many tourist prefer going to Maasai mara to do game viewing there. But if you don't want to go outside Nairobi the nearest park that is found within the city is called Nairobi national park.

    Within 20 minutes from the city you will enjoy watching your favorite Rhino.

    You can choose to go also go to Maasai mara which is famous for the all kind of animals but you will travel some miles from Nairobi

    Kenya tourist places

    Nairobi nattional park Rhino

    Kenya tourist places

    In Maasai mara you can find other wild life animals to do your game viewing.

    If love the Zebra we have plenty.

    Actually many National park and game reserves have the lovely wild animals that you can appreciate to look at.

    The picture is taken in Lake Nakuru national park.

    Kenya tourist places

    travel tourism in kenya -Zebra

    You can also visit other areas of interest like Mount Kenya. The second largest mountain in Kenya.

    You can do mountain trekking.

    Many have done it and have enjoyed much of the experiences they get.

    Besides you can enjoy the cold and warm weather.

    Kenya tourist places

    ol-donyo-sapuk summit view

    The Kenyan beaches

    Many tourist prefer to wind up their safari in Kenya by visiting the coastal region of Kenya.

    Kenya has one of the best beaches around the eastern part of Kenya.

    You are sure of having much fun that you want

    travel tourism in kenya -kenya beaches

    Kenya tourist places

    You are guaranteed of the best resort and lodges that you can be accommodated around the coastal region.

    There are so many tourist attractive places in Kenya, the moment you land in Kenya you will feel that you are at home, everywhere you will visit will meet places that are attractive and good make your memories remain with you forever.

    Those who have visited Kenya can testify that it is a place with fascinating scenes that will leave you wanting more.

    whether you want to start at the city of Nairobi or at the coast, you have good places to be.

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