lion safari kenya

lion safari Kenya is one of the most fantastic safari that you can make in Kenya. You will visit one of the big five animals in Kenya and enjoy what is commonly known as the big cat

Having a safari to Kenya will lead to enjoy having fun to see the lion in the park.

In almost every game reserve and national park in Kenya. You are sure of getting a lion. The one commonly referred to as 'The king of the jungle'.

If you come to Kenya and immediately you arrive at the airports of Kenya. You will hear the lovely people of Kenya referring the lion in Kiswahili as 'Simba'.

Meaning a dangerous animal.

Indeed this animal is very dangerous and it is the most feared animal in the jungle and most of other animals are scared of this king of jungle.

For example.

When you visit the safari walk in Nairobi that is few minutes drive from the city center and one that you can have an opportunity to see this animal before you embark the rest of your journey.

Your journey to other parts of animal parks around the country.

The Nairobi safari walk will give a taste of to see this animals and take pictures for yourself.

Looking at this animal sleeping. You will only think of it being a big cat and appears harmless.

You will only think so,until you disturb this animal then the roaring only will lead you to shake.

That is how this animal is feared among men and even other animals in the jungle.

But the good news is that the Kenya government through the Kenya wildlife services agencies have put measures in place to make sure your security is taken care of.

You don't have to worry walking near the animal or visiting the parks where the lion is.

Otherwise watching the lion is fun and knowing about the history of this kind of animal that is found in the jungle makes your safari awesome and great one.

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