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The best place to have air safaris is the Tsavo national park.

Tsavo Park is the biggest in Kenya covering many square kilometers and it is regarded to be one of the largest game reserves in Kenya.

Please note that.

This park is divided into two halves namely Tsavo West and Tsavo East. And the line that divide them is the Mombasa and Nairobi road plus the railways line.

some interesting facts about this park.

TSAVO WEST is the more visited area of Tsavo with numerous hills and rivers volcanic lava flows and also tall grass and woodland.

The developed area lies between the Tsavo River and the Mombasa road. Here the landscape is varied and often very beautiful and from certain sites Mt. Kilimanjaro may appear on the horizon.

You can also note that Tsavo is well known for Elephant and the red soil of this terrain has created the myth of the Red Elephant.

If you love game viewing. Then you need to know that.

Game is not always so easy to see as the animals are scattered over a very large area and long lazy game drives enable one to appreciate the grand scale of African scenery.

Some of the springs that you can spot in this area are the .

Mzima springs

The Mzima Springs are filtered to crystal clear purity by the lava of the nearby Chyulu Mountain Range and 250 million litres of pure water gush out at two pools.

The area has become a tourist attraction with the construction of underwater observation tanks where you can enjoy unique views of Hippo underwater.

What about accommodation

Within Tsavo West Standard and Quality accommodation is available. There are so many luxurious hotels that you can book for you accommodation.

It is the only park that you can fly from Mombasa and then back to your relaxation if you want. It is the best for air safaris.


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