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Want to know about Mombasa tourism? Here are some of the areas that you can visit while in Mombasa,Kenya. Some of the attractive areas that you can make your safari to and enjoy yourself.

Here you will find the small fishing village of Shimoni.It is a small village that you will love to visit when you make a tour to the coastal region of Kenya.

This village is found to the south of the coast.

And it

mombasa tourism

is home to a series of deep mysterious coastal caves that stretch from the sea to deep into the jungles.

Briefly to tell about this caves, these caves were long used as a refuge for Dhow Sailors, Arab slavers and explorers.

Shimoni is also an excellent base for big game fishing in the waters of the Pemba Channel.

If you love fishing it is a place you cant miss.

Whether you are looking for a base to actively explore this fascinating region, or just somewhere to unwind and find peace, Kenya’s south coast has everything you could wish for.

mombasa tourism

What you will find here

You will a wide range of World Class resorts, centred around Diani Beach allow visitors to relax and enjoy this natural paradise with the best standards of accommodation, service and cuisine.

And if you manage to visit the south coast.

The south coast also has many smaller quiet getaways such as Tiwi Beach, ideal for travellers looking for a low key break.

Inland, the fertile hinterland of Kwale District consists of small villages inhabited by the Wakamba, Digo and Duruma tribes

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