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Want to make your Mombasa vacation? Here the best areas that you can visit in Mombasa. Know why you need to visit these attractions. Discover the reasons behind the attractiveness and how you can to the places.

Accomodation in Mombasa

Getting accommodation is Mombasa is easy because many people have really invested in the good and lovely hotels that you can get accommodation.

There is a very wide range of accommodation available in Mombasa.

There are five star International resort hotels with casinos, nightclubs and international restaurants, basic campsites, private guesthouses and rental apartments and villas spread across in Mombasa.

Whichever area you choose you will be sure that you will be accomodated.

Food at the coast

The obvious culinary attraction on the coast of Kenya, and there is plenty available, with excellent fish, crabs, lobster, oysters and more. There is also an abundance of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, peanuts, cashews and wild honey.

There is a great many restaurants throughout the Coast serving a range of international cuisines. Many hotels have their own restaurants.

The Kenyan coast is famous for its Swahili Cuisine, a traditional blend of Arabic and African cooking styles.

Swahili specialties are mild curries made from a thick coconut sauce, and seafood cooked with cloves and cinnamon.

The coast’s mix of African and Asian cuisines also produce a wide range of vegetarian dishes. It is a place that you would want to take a vacation.

For those who wish to cook for themselves, the abundant supply of markets, shops and modern supermarkets will cater for your every need.

Privately rented homes usually have a cook provided, who will buy ingredients and prepare meals to your taste and this can be found by making private arrangement.

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