must see places in Kenya

must see places in Kenya and the top most areas to visit while in your safari in Kenya.

My country Kenya offers more and more tourist attraction that you can love to visit. Here are my favorite spots that have come to love. Get me when I say have come to love.

Actually what I mean is that the places are good and is where many international tourist make a stop.

Maasai Mara and Amboseli national park

These are great places for people who want to go for their safaris in Kenya. And it is an ideal place mostly during peak season like December to January. If you are planning your safari to Kenya. Then that is the best time.

But also you can choose July –August a good moment.

must see places in Kenya

Maasai mara national park wild animals

must see places in Kenya

(Buffaloes in the mara park)

You can visit a tribal village

One thing that make can unique is the tribal village way of life. Visiting any tribe in Kenya you are able to experience the rich culture that is offered.

Sampling the food and the way these people are living will make your travel an awesome.

There are 42 tribes in Kenya with unique features but topping the last is the Maasai people, samburu and the Turkana tribe. I love the rich culture that you are going to experience. Your travel in Kenya will be great.

Nairobi safari walk

This is the first stop to make when you arrive in Kenya a part from being within the city of Nairobi. You will sample the best wildlife in Kenya and able to see what you expect in most of the National parks and game reserves around Kenya.

must see places in Kenya

Nairobi safari walk

must see places in Kenya

(A Rhino in the animal orphanage)

Actually within 20 minutes drive from the city center you are in safari walking seeing your favorite Lion looking back at you. The best tourist attraction in Kenya.

Have the experience of watching wildebeest migration in Kenya

Between the month of September and October of each year more than five hundred thousand wildebeest migrate from Serengeti in neighboring Tanzania country to Kenya and back again.

It is an adventurous watch that you can have in that period because it is one of the biggest shows in Kenya in the wildlife features.

Kenya offers more that you can imagine and it is time to have your Kenya travel tourism safari now.

You can also visit Ol Doinyo Sapuk Summit where you can have the best of what you cannot get anywhere else

must see places in Kenya

 A view from Ol Doinyo Sapuk Summit

(At Ol Doinyo Sapuk Summit)

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