Why Nairobi railway museum

Why visit Nairobi railway museum for your safari in Kenya. The museum is a great attraction that you will enjoy to visit. Learn the role it has played since the inception in Kenya.

When you visit this museum you will learn different ways on which this mode of transport played in Kenya.

You can also get to know how it has evolved up to to date.

It is a railways museum that is adjacent to the Nairobi railway station.

You will find

  • A locomotive steam
  • You will find a yard that shows you when this time of system begun. You will be told that it begun in the year 1898.

    Imagine there is an evidence that shows how the system was effective those times and you will really enjoy having a look at this system that everybody loved those days.

    The museum has got a collection of photographs that shows the beginning of the railways system in Kenya.

    You got to know how it begun. What inspired those early people to build the railways that was going to connect the larger east Africa.

    Am told that it was it was an inspiration from those people and they wanted the best for the east Africa people.

    As a means of transport they wanted the railways to connect Nairobi to Kisumu and then Mombasa.

    Also to Uganda and Tanzania. To make it easy for people to travel to those destination.

    You can learn more by visiting the museum that is located within the city center.

    If you are driving from Mombasa road. You can find this museum near the Kenya polytechnic or off Haile Selassie Avenue

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