places in Nairobi Kenya

places in Nairobi Kenya and the areas that you can visit while in the Kenya cities.

The google map below offers you an opportunity to have a city tour whenever you are in the world.

You can click any point and you will see the details. What is there and many more

The Kenya tour in the city will get to the following destinations.

  • Nairobi national park
  • The Giraffe center
  • The Bomas of Kenya
  • The Mamba village
  • Nairobi boasts itself to having a National park within the city.

    No other city in the world does that.Whereby you can get natural wilderness teeming with wildlife to have a home of over 400 species of birds within 10 kilometers from the city center.

    Nairobi national park is full of unexpected beauty and diverse habitat that you would love to visit.

    Just outside the park you will be welcome with

    Nairobi safari walk

    It offers different range of viewing of animals. You will walk around in raised timbered boardwalk that gives better view to see animals around.

    places in Nairobi Kenya

    places in Nairobi Kenya

    The animal orphanage

    This small enclosure of orphaned,abandoned or wounded animals.

    Most of them regaining there strength before being released to their wild life.

    You will note that the city offer several opportunities that you can enjoy your vacation in Kenya.

    We have gathered the information to make your tour successful.

    Here is a one stop information that can guide you.

    Currently Kenya has got three cities namely:




    We shall concentrate on Nairobi because it is the major hub of many activities taking place in Kenya and East Africa at large.

    Nairobi is East Africa busiest metropolis.

    The capital of Kenya is cosmopolitan with a sizable population and the United Nations agencies are hosted here.

    places in Nairobi Kenya

    We have nice places in Nairobi that you can visit and have fun with your family

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