places to go in Kenya

Talking of places to go in Kenya, in a sense, is looking for alternative vacation away from the luxury safari in Kenya.

The following are some cheap and affordable places one can visit

Visiting Nairobi safari walk

This is a less costly way of spending your travel in Kenya. The reason why I recommend it being cheap is because:

  • It is within the city
  • - you will only spend less driving there. The minutes you will spend to reach there are less than 20.

    Nairobi safari walk prides itself to be an eye opener to the Kenya’s parks and reserves. You will have the opportunity to experience what you expect to see around the country in a cheaper way.

    And the entry fee is pocket friendly that you can afford.

    Kenya Cultural Travel

    This is one of the least practiced way of spending our holidays in a unique way. One thing that distinguishes this is the way it is done.

    Kenya has drawn itself into different unique cultural groups.

    Groups that you can identify with and have your holiday with them.

    Imagine staying with the people and experiencing their unique way of doing things.

    There are almost 42 tribes in Kenya.

    organized safari groups

    Organized safaris and camping groups are often great social pleasures that one can have. Not only cutting down the amount that you were going to spend if you did it a lone.

    You will also enjoy the benefit of being many and the pleasure that comes with a group. You will travel in a group and have fun even though you come from different parts of the world.

    You will camp together. You can enjoy meals together and more than that you will learn more than when you are a lone.

    This is a cheaper way of spending your holiday in Kenya.

    places to go in Kenya

    places to go in Kenya

    The nice thing about going cheap is about discovering more. I grew up in Kenya and have been here since then. What have observed done most of the time. Something which many people don’t realize is that. We are having holiday all the time.

    places to go in Kenya

    In any safari you will choose to do in Kenya will be economical because there are so many factors to look at but mostly whether you choose wildlife or Culture safari, you will discover that you will do much for a less cost.

    places to go in Kenya

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