safari travel to Kenya Africa

Plan your safari travel to Kenya Africa and have fun for yourself or with your family. Experience more than you can imagine.

We are here to give you information that you can digest and decide on the safari you want to do, there are several safaris to choose from but we are giving you a unique safari to consider as you plan.

Did you know that Kenya as a country host different types of people we call tribe and they are unique in terms of what they bring to the table. Having and opportunity to visit them will give you an opportunity to learn a lot and come to appreciate the safari you did to Kenya, Africa.

Here are some tips to help you plan for your safari tour in Kenya.

  • Kenya has a vast attractions that you can visit.
  • You will come face to face with wild animals but they cannot harm you unless you are not cautious
  • Taste the variety of food found among the Kenyan people. Imagine what you can get from the 42 different ethnic groups that Kenya is divided to
  • I was just introducing you to the safari that have plan to Kenya.

    You have a decision to plan and it is time to know some of the safety precaution that you have to observe while traveling around Kenya.

  • Make sure you keep you belonging and don’t show your personal belongings publicly
  • don’t drink any water that you find around unless it is bottled
  • In case of anything report to the nearest police station
  • I was just highlighting basic observation that you can take into consideration. As a person in the ground I understand better what is needed. As my friend I would love you to have the best travel to my country Kenya.

    Once you are in Nairobi you can have your first visit in the nearest Nairobi national park. Kenya pride itself by having a wild animal park within proximity.

    It is not found in the city center but just few miles from the city. You can start by having your safari by visiting the park and have a glimpse of wild life animals like Lion and many more.

    Hope you will enjoy your safari in Kenya Africa. The site is very resourceful and we have covered the entire safari that you want to visit in Kenya. Feel free to discover more.