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How to make your tour to Mombasa. Areas to visit when you are Mombasa. What are some of the best tourist destinations in Mombasa, Learn how to make your Mombasa city tours to enjoy yourself and have fun.

A friend emailed and asked about the best place to visit in Kenya.

Here didn't miss to share with him the beauty of Mombasa. We have several towns in Kenya that are good and got very nice tourist attractions but Mombasa is one of the best places that you can visit when you travel to Kenya for your holiday.

Mombasa is one of the oldest towns in Kenya and right now it is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi.

It was the headquarters of Kenya before it was moved to Nairobi.

Since then it has remained to be the most visited place in Kenya it terms of tourist attractions.

Many people after visiting the beautiful parks around Kenya they end up at the coastal region to relax before going back home.

The warm waters of the beaches makes this place to be the best.

There are several beaches here in Mombasa that you can choose from to visit and relax yourself.

With many around Lamu,Diani,Kilifi and many other places that surround Mombasa. You are guaranteed having more fun than you can find anywhere in the world if I may say.

tour to mombasa

You will take several tours around Mombasa that will give you more fun.

After enjoying the warm waters of the beaches you will have an opportunity to visit several other places that are good and loveable to go.

tour to mombasa

Some of the places that you can visit are fort Jesus, the tribal travels and many more.

You are sure of enjoying more than you can imagine.

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