Tourist destinations in nairobi

Here are the tourist destinations in Nairobi that you can visit. The Nairobi Nairobi national park,the giraffe center,mamba village,the bomas of Kenya, the museum of Kenya and many more that you can have fun and enjoy yourself.

Some of the tourist destinations that you can visit while in Nairobi include:

Karuara Falls and Caves

If you love nature and want to visit a place that is lovely and can make you connect with nature.

You need to consider Karura forest. Here you will get the Caves and water falls that is lovely to see and can make you medidate well.

If you love picnic site then.

  • Karura caves is perfect for you.
  • These caves is considered to be sacred by the local community because they have a meaning according to them.

    It is where the MAU MAU people used to hide when fighting for the independence of Kenya.

  • Karura waterfalls
  • If you love to see the waterfalls then this 50ft waterfall is fantastic for you to watch.

    You will be able to see as the water falls and then settles as a river flow.

    Getting to Karura forest is 4km from the city center.

    Nairobi Arboretum

    It is a 3o hectares protected area that is a home to so many species that love nature.

    This place is situated 3km from the city center of Nairobi.There are over 100 species of birds and if you love birdwatching then this is the place to visit.

    You will also find the Vervet monkeys and the sykes in large population.

    It has been in existence since 1907 and you can imagine the indigenous trees that you can find here

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