Travel tips for kenya -Things to do in Kenya

Travel tips for Kenya to guide you as you plan for you Kenya travel.

Kenya is known to be a safe place to be but like any other countries you need one to two tips that can guide you if it is your first time to travel to Kenya and if you a repeat person meaning you have been to Kenya once and also many times.

You might want to refresh and learn some new tips that we have added. You are welcome.

Well! If it is your first time. Get this travel tips for Kenya.

Safety and security

Being the first time to be in Kenya you need to be aware of your surroundings. Have lived this country for very many years and I promise that your safety will be catered for by the security agents in our country.

Even though you need to be cautious as far as traveling to a foreign country is concerned. Few observation to be concerned.

  • Be vigilant when in the public places
  • Report any incident to the nearest police station
  • When taking photos e.g. people ‘s houses make sure you ask for permission
  • Do not display you valuable belongings to the public. (for your own safety)
  • Never be near a wild animal even though you think it is harmless. Unless you are advised by the tour guide or the person in charge
  • Drink water that is bottled only for your own safety
  • We hope the above safety tips will help you to make your Kenya travel a wonderful one. Remember that they are not exclusive more you will be advised once you arrive in the country.

    Passport and visa information

    Kenya like any other country they need to know you better and that is why they require your valid passport for you to travel to the country.

    Depending on the country you come from you need also a visa for you to travel. It is important to do so immediately you make a decision to visit Kenya. You can apply your visa to the nearest Kenyan embassy in your country.

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