Travel to mount Kenya
For awesome tour in Kenya

Travel to mount Kenya for your tour in Kenya and discover why it is the best tourist attraction in Kenya and preferred for Kenya culture travel.

You can get to this mountain by air or the road.

By air

When in Nairobi you can charter a plane to Nanyuki airstrip. The airstrip caters for the charter plane and the scheduled ones. Therefore you are guaranteed a place for your travel.

By road

The most common means to reach the mountain. Not because it is cheaper but the fun part of it. Even though aerial view is also fun but you have flown all the way from your country and then again a plane. I thought you came for a safari.

Going by road is the real safari. As you know that is a Kiswahili name which can be translated to mean a journey. So, make a journey to Mount Kenya and enjoy to the maximum.

That is a by the way. You can choose your means of transport.Moving from Nairobi you go to Nanyuki or Naro Moru (don’t those are local places which you intend to visit. Your guide shall show you everything)

And if you are one of the trekkers you can access the mountain through Chogoria.


We are going to see mount Kenya and make sure if it is the second highest peak mountain in Africa as you have said here.The mountain is best seen at dawn.


You can be able to see the summit as it is surrounded by the plains.

Mmmh. sounds good.

Now you have reached mountain Kenya.

  • You can trek
  • watch the equatorial snow.(one of the rarest thing to see here)

  • you can take your time in the forest and discover something. Did I say discover…sorry I mean see.
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