vacation places in kenya

About vacation places in Kenya


Some of the many places you can visit in Kenya are:

  • Lake victoria in the western part of Kenya
  • Lake turkana in the northern part of Kenya
  • Lake Nakuru in the Rift valley
  • And other that you can consider to visit are:

  • Lake Naivasha in the Rift valley
  • Lake bogoria
  • Lake Elementaita
  • Lake magadi
  • Lake Baringo
  • What are the features that you can see when you visit the lakes outlined above.

    Well get the features here and make your choice where you want to visit.

    Lake victoria

    Is the source of the delicious fish called Tilapia

    You will enjoy seeing how fishing is done using the local mechanisms that are employed.

    As have shared elsewhere Kenya is grouped into tribes and expect the name tribe to be mentioned here.

    The Luo tribe major is fishing in this area.

    The lake is shared among the tree East Africa countries. Kenya.Uganda.Tanzania.

    It is the largest lake in Kenya and second lake with fresh water in Africa.

    Expect also to see the water Hyacinth.

    A weed that is threatening livelihoods in this area.

    Have a safe travel there to see for yourself.

    Lake Nakuru

    It is well known for the famous flamingoes that have make it look like a pink lake around.

    It is an attractive lake because of these pink flamingoes

    Lake Nakuru is found within the Lake Nakuru national park. You will also enjoy the wild animals that are found the national park.

    vacation places in Kenya

    lake nakuru flamingoes

    vacation places in Kenya

    Lake Naivasha

    This lake is found at Hell's gate national park.

    It supports a variety of vegetation and wild life.

    If you make a choice to visit this lake you will enjoy the following scenes that are found here.

  • Hippos and buffaloes wallowing in the water
  • Exploring Hell's gate national park
  • Be able to see the flower industry that gets it is waters from this lake to keep the flowers fresh.
  • It is worth considering visiting this lake in Kenya.

    Lake Magadi

    You can also make your Kenya lake tours trip to this lake that boasts to be the second largest producer of the Soda

    Magadi area is very hot and dry and it is easy to reach from Nairobi city because it some miles a way.

    Lake Turkana

    Found to the northern part of Kenya. It is the furthest of all Lakes if you access from Nairobi city.

    What you will enjoy here:

  • The crocodile found in the waters
  • The El molo tribe with the cultural diversity that you will enjoy here
  • vacation places in Kenya

    vacation places in Kenya

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