Vacations in Nairobi

Want to have vacations in Nairobi? Here are the best places that you can vacate and enjoy yourself. You can visit the Nairobi national park,the giraffe center, the chania falls in thika,the bomas of Kenya.

There are so many places that you can visit in Nairobi for your vacations.

And some of them we have listed them here.

  • The arboretum of Kenya
  • Karura waterfalls and caves
  • Uhuru gardens
  • Bomasa of Kenya
  • The giraffe center o
  • The ngong hills
  • Taking your vacations around Nairobi is highly rewarding because of the many destinations that we have around here.

    The other day wanted to take my family for vacations but we had settled for Nairobi.

    Just going through the many points that we can visit.

    we were overwhelmed by the many choices that we have in Nairobi. This one had to think fast and I gave my wife an opportunity to choice.

    Fun as she is.

    she settled for the Bomas of Kenya. simply because she wanted to have an opportunity to see different ways in which Kenyans.

    we enjoyed seeing different houses that are built by some of the major 42 tribes that are living in Kenya.

    There are so many attractive areas around Nairobi that you can visit.

    If you are interested to visit the national parks around Nairobi then, Nairobi National parks that has got great features.

    And Nairobi prides itself of having a national park within the city center.

    vacations in Kenya

    The above photo shows what you expect to see at the Bomas of Kenya. I took that photo to show you the beauty that is found at this center that is bringing different people who are living in Kenya.

    At one stop.

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